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Our data capture and extraction software is accurate, fast, and easy to use, eliminating manual data entry into business documents, reducing potential human error, and minimizing paperwork. With our system, you save 4 minutes per document and staff resources to focus on the most important activities and boost work efficiency.

Transform invoices, delivery notes, receipt guides, purchase orders, work reports and forms from photos or PDF to Excel or your ERP in seconds with maximum precision. Ideal for businesses in hospitality, real estate construction, trade and distribution; as well as logistics and transport; accounting and tax consultancies among other sectors.

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Sectors benefited by the OCR IA of

Our AI and OCR software simplifies inventory management and pre-accounting through photos or PDFs of the delivery notes and invoices received. Streamline the creation and update of price tags, automatically categorize products, make decisions based on accurate information and save time and resources.

With and its AI technology with OCR, manage your business by digitizing the data from delivery notes and invoices from your suppliers from photos or PDFs. Our system reads, orders, processes and categorizes information automatically. Integrate your POS for total control and manage your business in real time.

Automate the digitization with OCR IA of delivery notes and invoices from your suppliers of your real estate construction company

Streamline the control of costs and inventories and the accounting of your business from photos or PDF of the invoices and delivery notes of your suppliers, create users in each of your delegations to avoid paperwork thanks to

Industrial Sector


Comprehensive data management with OCR and AI for invoices and delivery notes

Digitize delivery notes and invoice data easily using our AI technology with OCR. Artificial intelligence categorizes purchases, suppliers or products automatically, optimizing document management, efficiently controlling inventories and boosting accounting.

Improve your logistics process with OCR IA by automating the digitization of delivery notes and invoices. Optimize inventory control and manage documents accurately to make accurate decisions in real time and avoid manual errors. Saves 95% data crush time.'s AI OCR allows you to quickly and accurately extract and process data from invoices issued and received from your customers. Export the data in Excel format or import directly into your accounting systems. The AI automatically assigns expense accounts and entries, saving up to 95% of manual work. 

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