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Capture and classify your clients' invoice data with OCR and the most powerful AI

5 million
Pages processed per month
25 hours
Average savings per customer
Data Capture Accuracy

Do you think manual data entry should be a thing of the past?

Automate your advice with Dijit

OCR scanning for your clients' invoices with the power of gpt-4o artificial intelligence

Why OCR with AI

The Manual data entry, or 'data chopping', is an activity that does not add value to your advice and is a potential for errors.

 Automate data entry of your clients' invoices with the Most sophisticated OCR powered by AI, GPT-4o.

Are you ready to move forward?

OCR scanning for gpt-4 invoices

The best ally for document management

Extract data from documents and route it to your management system automatically, with no room for errors or wasted time.

Without Dijit.app

OCR scanning for invoices digitizes accounting advice

With Dijit.app

OCR scanning for invoices

Do you want to save thousands of hours and associated costs per month?

Then use Dijit.app in your consulting or management

OCR for tax accounting advice

Save more than 98% of time associated with document management

OCR for tax accounting advice

With the OCR and AI by Dijit.app You will be able to say goodbye forever to data mining in your accounting and tax consultancy.

All you have to do is take a photo of the paper either drag the PDF to our program andOCR scan for invoices.

Reduce paperwork burden and time with User Management

Offer more to your customers

Digitize invoices, tickets and much more

received invoices
Consumption tickets
Reception notes
Delivery documents
purchase orders
Production sheets
Work parts
Bank statements
Payment documents
Transport Sheets
International transport
Identity Documents

Try our custom AI OCR development to be the perfect tool for your business

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Digitize your advice with the OCR scanning program for #1 invoices

Simplify the digitization of your clients' invoice data

Our invoice OCR scanning system does the heavy lifting for you, just drag and drop invoice photos or PDFs and Dijit.app captures and organizes the data in seconds.

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OCR with AI gpt-4 Dijit.app

Automatic assignment of accounts and accounting entries

Our artificial intelligence automatically identifies and assigns accounting accounts and learns with machine learning in each interaction.

Integration with accounting systems

Through our API you can import the data into your management system. You can also download the information in Excel or consult from Dijit.app


Maximum security and total privacy

Your clients' information will be stored on Microsoft servers (we are official partners). We comply with all European privacy regulations.

Direct access for your clients, eliminating paperwork

Allow access to your clients so they can upload the documentation for you. They will also be able to download their information in Excel.


Efficient document organization

You will be able to access documents stored in our cloud using intelligent filters, with security and privacy.

Simplicity and ease of use

Our invoice automation system is very easy to use, with drag and drop, our smart technology does the work for you.

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Agile and efficient assistance

The Dijit.app support team guarantees peace of mind and security, quickly solving needs or doubts in your work.

Solve your doubts quickly

Leave us your question and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Dijit.app, the AI and OCR invoice scanning program for accounting?

Dijit.app's invoice scanning and document management program is a technology that combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitize data from scanned physical documents and PDFs accurately and efficiently, passing the information in an organized way to our system, which you can download to Excel or import via API to an ERP management system.

How does AI technology work with Dijit.app OCR?

The document management program for accounting works by entering PDF documents or scanned physical documents into the system. Our OCR captures the data and our AI improves the accuracy of character recognition, processes and organizes the data, and learns with each document processed.

How can Dijit.app's AI and OCR invoice scanning program improve the efficiency of my accounting business?

Dijit.app's document management program can improve the efficiency of your business by automating the data entry process of business documents, avoiding manual entry, saving time, reducing errors and allowing faster and easier access to information.

Can I integrate Dijit.app into our accounting system?

Yes, the Dijit.app invoice automation program has two integration options. The first is to connect with the accounting system through API. The second is to export an Excel file, which can then be imported into the accounting system, with a few clicks.

How is user management handled in Dijit.app?

Dijit.app's AI and OCR document management program allows a number of users based on the selected rate plan. There are two levels of access: administrator and sub user. The administrator has full control and can assign sub users, who will only have access to their imported documents.

How is the security and privacy of the processed data ensured?

Dijit.app's AI and OCR document management program complies with all data security and privacy regulations. Data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure database and is used for document processing only. Only selected users can access the processed information.

How long is the minimum contract for Dijit.app AI OCR software?

The minimum contract for our AI OCR Invoice Scanning Program is one year, with fees and processing page limits set annually but charged monthly. Contracts are automatically renewed each year, unless non-renewal is requested in writing at least 30 days prior to the end of the contract.