Delivery note data capture program for data management in real estate construction companies

The data capture program delivery notes It is an essential tool for companies in the real estate and construction sector. Efficient and accurate management of the entry and exit of materials, as well as timely monitoring of suppliers, are tasks that require time and precision. With dijit.app, these tasks are greatly simplified. Our solution uses technology OCR and AI to automate the capture and processing of data contained in the delivery notes. In a matter of seconds, all relevant details are extracted, processed and ready to be imported into your accounting system or Excel.

Delivery note data capture program dijit.app

Why does your real estate construction company need a delivery note data capture program?

Efficient management of delivery notes is crucial for companies in the real estate and construction sector. These documents contain valuable information about the materials received, their quantity, the supplier and the delivery date. However, manually entering this data can be error-prone and time-consuming. This is where Dijit.app can make a difference with its OCR and AI technology.

How the Dijit.app delivery note data capture program works

Dijit.app greatly simplifies the management of delivery notes. You just need to take a photo of the document with your mobile device or upload a PDF file. Our OCR technology is then responsible for extracting all the relevant data in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, thanks to our AI, this data is organized and prepared to be imported into your accounting system or Excel.

Step 1: Capture delivery notes with your mobile device

The first step in the process is as simple as taking a photo of the delivery note with your mobile device or scanning it if you prefer to work with physical documents. You can also upload a PDF file if you already have your documents digitized. This process is quick and easy, allowing you to save valuable time that you can spend on other important tasks.

Step 2: Intelligent Data Capture Program Processing

Once you've taken the photo or uploaded the PDF, Dijit.app gets to work. Our OCR technology extracts all relevant data from the document in seconds. But not only that, our AI also organizes this data in an easily readable and manageable table to facilitate its subsequent management.

Step 3: Import to your accounting system or Excel

The last step is to import this data into your accounting system or Excel. With a simple click you can download all this information organized in Excel format ready to be imported into any accounting system you use in your company.

Optimize time with automatic capture

Save valuable hours previously spent on laborious, error-prone manual entry. With Dijit.app, you can automate this process and ensure that your delivery note data is always up to date and error-free. Additionally, with automatic capture, you can have more precise control over your inventories and improve the efficiency of your company.

Delivery note data capture program dijit.app

Documents and formats compatible with Dijit.app

Our data capture program is not limited to delivery notes. You can also use it to automate the capture of data from invoices, consumption tickets, forms, records, reports and payrolls. Additionally, Dijit.app supports a wide variety of formats including JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PDF. This means you can work with the format that suits you best without having to worry about compatibility.

Advantages of the automatic capture program with Dijit.app

In addition to the significant savings in time and resources associated with manual data entry, our program offers other advantages. For example, it allows you to generate detailed reports and manage data from our application or download them in Excel. You can also create unlimited users to facilitate access to relevant information within your company.

Integration of the program with ERP systems

Dijit.app not only allows you to download the data in Excel but also integrate it directly with any ERP system through our API. This means you can have all your data organized and accessible from your accounting system without needing to do any manual imports.

Maximum security and privacy in automatic capture

Safety is a priority for us. That's why we store all your information on secure servers, complying with all European privacy regulations. In addition, our team is always available to resolve any questions or problems you may have regarding the security or privacy of your data.

Fast and efficient assistance with Dijit.app

Our team is committed to offering you the best service possible. If you have any questions or encounter any problems while using our automatic capture program, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always available to help you resolve any issues quickly so you can continue working without interruption.

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