We compare Invoice Digitization Software for Agencies

Efficient invoice management is a crucial component in the operation of any accounting and tax agency. Invoice digitization software can transform this task, allowing automated data capture and processing, saving time and reducing errors. dijit.app stands out in this area, offering a solution based on Artificial intelligence with OCR that capture and process data from business documents such as bills, tickets, delivery notes and more. In this article, we compare Dijit.app with other leading software on the market to help you understand why Dijit.app is the best option for your agency.

Invoice digitization software for agencies

Why is Invoice Digitization Software important for Agencies?

Accounting and tax agencies handle a large number of client invoices daily. The data from these invoices or tickets are normally entered into an accounting system manually, spending hundreds of hours and thousands of euros in associated resources. Digitizing these invoices not only allows for more efficient storage, but also makes data search and retrieval easier. Additionally, by automating data capture, you minimize the risk of human error that can result in accounting discrepancies and tax issues. This is where we can count on accurate, reliable, fast and easy-to-use invoice digitization software for agencies.

Key features to take into account when choosing Invoice Digitization Software for agencies

When selecting software for invoice digitization, it is important to consider its accuracy, speed, ease of use, and easy integration with accounting systems. It should also be able to handle a variety of formats and have a robust feature for detecting duplicates. Additionally, it should offer flexible options for uploading documents and images and provide legal validation for digitized data.

How does OCR technology work in invoice digitization?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is essential in the digitization process. This technology allows you to read the text and characters in an image and transform them into editable data. It is like a reader or scanner that captures all the important data from a ticket or invoice and converts it into digital format. With the arrival of AI, many management software .

Comparison between the best invoice digitization software for agencies

Next, we will analyze some leading software on the market for invoice digitization. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all aim to make the process more efficient and accurate.

Dijit.app, the best ally for accounting and tax agencies

Dijit.app stands out for its high precision (99%) without human assistance, regardless of the format or quality of the original document. In addition, it offers full integration with any existing accounting system and even allows you to completely customize the system according to the client's specific needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Dijit.app software

Dijit.app is an invoice digitization software for agencies that offers many advantages such as high precision, fast speed (1-2 seconds per page), and intuitive interface that is easily manageable from any device with an internet connection. However, it currently does not have a dedicated mobile application, although data management can be done from the mobile version with certain limitations.

Invoice digitization software for agencies

Quipu, a popular option with limitations

Quipu is a well-known invoice digitization software. Although it offers a decent number of readings per month and the digitized documents are legally valid, its processing speed can take up to 24 hours. Additionally, reader accuracy often requires human intervention and does not allow for system customization, downloading the data, or transferring it to other systems.

Anfix, a complete solution but with shortcomings

Anfix is another software that offers a variety of options for process automation. However, its speed and accuracy are lower than Dijit.app. In addition, it does not allow customization of the system and has a higher cost per document. It is also a closed system, which does not allow the downloading or transfer of information to other systems.

Billin, speed but with low precision

Although Billin stands out for his scanning speed, his accuracy leaves much to be desired. Many data are incomplete and the cost per document is high. In addition, it does not allow customization of the system or downloading data for use in other systems.

Contasimple, simplicity with limitations

Contasimple offers simplicity in use but has significant limitations. Its precision is poor and the cost per document is high. In addition, it does not allow customization of the system or downloading data for use in other systems.

Holded, popular but with high costs per document

Holded is another popular software for digitizing invoices. Although it offers several ways to digitize invoices and manages duplicates well, its costs per document are very high. Additionally, its functionality can be confusing and intuitive.

The best invoice digitization software for agencies: Dijit.app

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Invoice digitization software for agencies


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