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The most powerful combination for document management, OCR with AI GPT-4o

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ocr with ai gpt-4o Dijit.app

How does Dijit.app work?

dijit.app combines the most powerful OCR with the artificial intelligence most advanced in the world, the GPT-4o from OpenAI, the creators of Chat GPT. This online software converts data from any business document, whether bills, expense tickets, receipt notes, parts, forms, ID documents and much more. Works with both documents printed as manuscripts, in PDF or in paper. You can even capture printed and handwritten data on the same sheet.

The process begins with a scan Powerful OCR that converts written or printed information into digital data. This data goes through a series of algorithms and then are classified with the help of AI. The GPT-4o is responsible for classifying, box by box, all the data. Subsequently, the Dijit.app system sorts these data in a table where it can be viewed along with the original document. Furthermore, it allows edit or add more information.

Once processed, this information can be download in Excel with a single click or transfer to another management system or ERP. With GPT-4o AI OCR, Dijit.app simplifies the digitization and management of enterprise data, saving time and reducing errors.

Key Benefits of GPT-4o AI OCR Software
Capture PDF data or photos from paper

Take a photo with your mobile and connect it directly to dijit.app, without having to transfer the images to the computer. You can also drag the PDFs to our system. With OCR with AI GPT-4 For businesses, our software will take care of everything for you.

ocr ia gpt-4o dijit.app
dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o for construction companies
Improved accuracy in data capture

Our AI with OCR software for construction companies delivers 99% accuracy compared to manual entry, reducing errors and preventing potential financial losses.

Simplification of information control

Easily digitize all the information in your business documents. Data is processed quickly, streamlining information control without manually entering data.

dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o for construction companies
dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o for construction companies
Efficient monitoring of expenses in real time

With Dijit.app's GPT-4o AI OCR software, data is processed automatically. Our intelligent system categorizes products, suppliers and accounts, giving you valuable information instantly.

Savings in data digitization time

Dijit.app's AI OCR automatically reads, extracts and categorizes data, saving up to 95% of time spent on document management.

ocr for industrial ia gpt-4o dijit.app
dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o
OCR with GPT-4o AI, the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world

Dijit.app's AI OCR automatically reads, extracts and categorizes data, saving up to 95% of time spent on document management.

Make quick and informed decisions

Speed up your purchasing and inventory decisions with Dijit.app's AI. Quickly create bids, review potential shortages, and make business decisions faster.

AI and OCR for distributors
dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o
Organized access to stored documents

Store and easily access documents, delivery notes and invoices. Organize and filter the information according to criteria such as dates, names of suppliers or products to improve document control in your business.

Seamless integration with management systems

Dijit.app's OCR exports captured data in Excel format and imports directly into management systems, facilitating accurate inventory control and accounting in your business.

dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o
dijit.app ocr with AI gpt-4o
Simplicity and ease of use

Dijit.app is the most user-friendly software with OCR and AI on the market. Its intuitive design allows any team member to use it without specialized training, reducing time and costs associated with managing inventories and expenses.

Tired of manual tasks and slow processes? 

Dijit.app is the solution.

By combining OCR with gpt-4o AI, we transform images and documents into editable text with unmatched precision. Our system automatically learns, adapts and extracts key information.

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If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your company's document management, we invite you to request a free demo of Dijit.app. With this demo, you will be able to see OpenAI's OCR technology with AI and gpt-4 in action and experience first-hand the benefits of Dijit.app. Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your company's document management with Dijit.app. Request your free demo today.

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