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Dijit.app's OCR AI

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that allows you to convert images, scanned documents, and PDF files into editable text. By combining OCR with artificial intelligence (AI), a powerful and innovative tool is created to efficiently capture, process and integrate data.

AI improves OCR accuracy by learning patterns and adapting to different document formats and styles. This combination enables key information to be extracted automatically, reducing time spent on repetitive manual tasks.


Dijit.app uses this advanced OCR IA technology to offer you an intuitive program capable of transforming your documents into structured data ready to be integrated with Excel, ERPs or other business systems. Convert your images or files quickly while taking advantage of the unlimited potential that the combination of OCR and AI offers.

Documents compatible with Dijit.app

Do you need to digitize specific documents of your business?
With the automation of OCR data extraction with AI from Dijit.app we adapt to your needs
and we offer you flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Supported formats JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PDF to Excel or ERP

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Our OCR IA captures and extracts data from Invoices

Dijit.app automatically extracts, sorts and processes essential data from received invoices, such as:

  • Code, invoice date
  • Provider Information
  • differentiated VAT
  • amounts

Our OCR IA captures and extracts data from delivery notes

Dijit.app automatically extracts, sorts and processes essential data from received invoices, such as:

  • Delivery note data
  • Provider Information
  • Article/product information
  • amounts

Sectors benefited by the OCR IA of Dijit.app



Automates data capture on delivery notes and supplier invoices for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

Dijit.app's OCR IA program simplifies inventory management and pre-accounting by processing photos or PDFs of received delivery notes and invoices and other documents. Our solution streamlines the creation and updating of price tags, automatically categorizes products, facilitates decisions based on accurate information and allows you to save valuable time and resources.

Trade and Distribution


Efficient management of costs, purchases and inventories with intelligent data scanning

Our OCR IA system optimizes inventory management and pre-accounting through the efficient processing of photos or PDFs of delivery notes, received invoices and other key documents. Our solution speeds up the creation and updating of price tags, automatically categorizes products with artificial intelligence, and drives decisions based on accurate information. Save valuable time and resources by using Dijit.app for your business needs.

real estate construction


Digitize the data capture with OCR IA of documents in your real estate construction company

Streamline cost and inventory control and accounting of your business using photos or PDFs of invoices and delivery notes from your suppliers with Dijit.app. Create users in each of your branches to eliminate paperwork and optimize management thanks to our efficient OCR AI program.

Industrial Sector


Comprehensive data management with OCR and AI for invoices, delivery notes and other documents

Digitize the data of delivery notes and invoices easily with Dijit.app, using our advanced OCR technology and artificial intelligence. The AI categorizes purchases, suppliers or products automatically, improving document management, optimizing inventory control and boosting accounting in your business.

Logistics and Transportation


Advanced inventory management with the automation of document data in logistics and transportation

Improve your logistics process with Dijit.app, the OCR IA program that automates the digitization of data on delivery notes and invoices. Optimize inventory control and efficiently manage documents to make accurate decisions in real time, avoiding manual errors. Save up to 95% of time spent manually entering data.

Accounting Consulting


Efficient digitalization of data from your customers' invoices and tickets

Dijit.app's OCR IA program makes it easy to quickly and accurately extract and process data on invoices issued and received from your customers. Export the data in Excel format or import directly into your accounting systems. Artificial intelligence automatically assigns expense accounts and entries, saving you up to 95% of the manual work involved.


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OCR IA extraction invoices delivery notes - microsoft for startups dijit labs automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app
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