The best examples of OCR technology to save time and money

OCR for delivery notes and invoices specialized for consulting and hospitality

Businesses can become more efficient thanks to advanced technology. The idea is to save time and automate tasks to improve employee productivity. Artificial Intelligence is an example of how companies can take advantage of this technology to simplify boring tasks. One technology that makes this possible is optical character recognition (OCR), which allows real-time translation and transcription of texts through your mobile's camera. This can also save a lot of time on accounting tasks. Evolution has transformed office work, from ink and paper to typewriters and finally computers.

How does OCR technology work?

It's simple: it's a classic scan that quickly digitizes any type of file. And the best thing is that it can recognize both printed and handwritten characters!

Imagine having to convert many documents to formats like Word or Excel, that would take hours! But with OCR, that's over. Apart from saving time, you can also translate words from an image into another language.

This technology is perfect for any type of company, including SMEs, because it allows you to electronically store all kinds of files: invoices, receipts, checks, projects, contracts, payroll, and much more. And all without taking up physical space! You can not only scan text documents, but also PDF files, photos, and more. It's that easy and useful!

ocr for delivery notes and invoices specialized for consulting and hospitality automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app

Why is OCR technology a right hand for companies?

OCR technology is a boon for businesses because it allows them to be more efficient and save time. Can you imagine having to record dozens of expense tickets for different meals, parking lots, restaurants, trains, fuel, etc.? Well that's a headache that OCR technology solves!

In addition, this technology is super practical because it allows you to do specific searches in the text. There are also advanced programs that recognize dates, cities, and other important data that can be digitized in the blink of an eye.

And if that wasn't enough, some OCR applications include voice typing, which is a great help for the visually impaired.

Obtaining and storing data becomes much easier and automated thanks to this technology, which makes it an indispensable tool for many companies.

ocr for delivery notes and invoices specialized for consultancies and hospitality automates data extraction of invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app

Some examples of OCR

In the market, we find a large number of OCR applications, both free and paid. Some are designed for specific tasks and others for more intensive and business use.

An example of a free application is Adobe Scan, which turns the mobile device into a text scanner, allowing you to scan receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, white boards, among others.

Another interesting example is Dijit.app, which is a very complete OCR application, specialized in digitizing invoice, ticket and delivery note data. Ideal for SMEs, both companies and accounting and tax consultancies. With Dijit you can transfer hundreds of invoices to the computer without the need for manual typing, in Excel format or integrate it with your ERP, management system or accounting system.

In conclusion, if a company is interested in using OCR technology more intensively, it is important that they contract with a specialized software company that can design a plan tailored to their particular needs.

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