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automatiza la extracción de datos con Dijit App con IA y OCR para tu negocio

OCR (optical character recognition) is a technology that allows you to convert scanned PDF documents or photos into editable digital text. It can read, extract and process data from different types of documents, such as delivery notes and invoices. Dijit.app's OCR with AI (artificial intelligence) goes a step further, as it not only extracts the data, but also categorizes, assigns and validates it automatically, without the need for human intervention.

In addition to this, these technologies can help you automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and save time and money. On the other hand, they also contribute to improving the experience of your suppliers as well as the management of purchases and inventories.

So you want to know more? Read on to find out in more detail.

IA y OCR para automatizar tareas de digitalización de albaranes y facturas Dijit.app

Automate data extraction

Automating the data extraction with OCR IA of invoices and delivery notes has many advantages for companies that handle large volumes of documents, such as those in the logistics, transportation, wholesale or retail trade. Some advantages include:

Time saving: Dijit.app's OCR with AI allows you to digitize delivery notes and invoices for purchases or expenses in seconds from a photo or PDF file. Additionally, this eliminates manual data entry and review, saving up to 95% of time spent on this task.

error reduction: AI OCR offers 95% accuracy compared to manual input; therefore, it decreases errors preventing potential economic losses.

Inventory control: OCR with AI extracts detailed information from packing slips (supplier name, item, quantity and unit price), thus allowing an updated and organized record of inventory for easy tracking and management.

Cost optimization: on the other hand, OCR with AI extracts relevant information such as purchase invoice code, purchase invoice date, differentiated VAT/purchase invoice total, subtotal and total amount. Consequently, it allows efficient control in accounts payable over costs related to purchases, simplifying accounting processes.

digitaliza y extrae los datos de documentos de proveedor en segundos con OCR IA Dijit.App

Practical examples

Company Distributions Elcano: This company receives more than 500 delivery notes and 200 invoices in different formats (PDF or paper), requiring the digitization of the data to integrate them into its system. With staff spending more than 20 hours a week on manual entry, Dijit.app allows you to reduce this time to minutes by capturing data from photos or PDF without complications.

Thus, the system identifies and extracts relevant information such as codes, suppliers, articles, quantities and prices; categorizes suppliers and products by assigning corresponding accounts and related accounting entries. It also facilitates automatic reconciliation between delivery notes and invoices for each supplier, avoiding potential losses. In this way, Distribuciones Elcano optimizes its management by reducing paperwork and easily integrating data.

– “We searched for a solution like Dijit.app for years due to the manual tasks that took us whole weeks. Now we manage all the paperwork in just a few hours thanks to Dijit.app”, Luis Felipe Del Río, COO of Distribuciones Elcano (Murcia)

elimina el papeleo distribución mayorista minorista automatiza extraccion datos albaranes facturas proveedores en tu proces de fabricacion manufactura con Dijitapp ocr ia

Express stores 24 hours: The company has physical stores where it needs to manage purchases and associated expenses. Staff spent between 1 and 2 hours a day entering data into the inventory system. However, with Dijit.app they can digitize tickets, invoices and delivery notes in a matter of seconds, allowing them to spend all their time managing the business.

In this way, the system reads, extracts and processes essential data such as codes, supplier or customer information, products, VAT and total amounts. Consequently, the data can be downloaded in Excel or imported directly into the accounting or inventory control system to manage the business with updated information in real time.

Finally – “We have streamlined all inventory management and pre-accounting by less than half thanks to having updated daily information and reconciling payments automatically since we implemented Dijit.app”, Carmen Izaguirre, 24h Express Administration (Madrid).

digitalizar documentos comercio tienda IA con OCR de Dijit.app

Why choose Dijit.app as your Dijit.app OCR solution with AI?

Dijit.app was created to facilitate document management by automating the extraction of data from photos or PDFs and processing them to easily integrate them into existing systems. In addition, it is intuitive, easy to use and does not require configuration or prior training. On the other hand, its support team is available to attend to special requests related to specific documents that need to be digitized. Thus, Dijit.app becomes an essential tool to optimize current business processes.

Do you want to implement Dijit.app in your document management?

You can implement Dijit.app in just 3 steps:

1. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

2. Hire.

3. Start using.

You will be able to create users for each department, establishment or delegation, allowing each one to upload and access their own information while the administrator has full access from a main panel. Implementation does not require additional training or configuration.


Why trust Dijit.app OCR?

More than 200 establishments have successfully processed more than 250,000 documents with Dijit.app, which complies with all GDPR requirements and European certificates. Its technical team resolves doubts quickly and develops individual requirements according to the client's needs.

On the other hand, our prestigious technological partners specialized in security, privacy and artificial intelligence guarantee that Dijit.app offers an exceptional and high-quality service.

Is it easy to integrate Dijit.app to other systems?

Dijit.app is designed for easy integration using easy-to-connect APIs. In addition, all the information can be downloaded in Excel or CSV formats with one click to be imported into accounting or inventory systems.

Integraciones API con sistemas de gestión Dijit.app automatiza extracción datos facturas y albaranes OCR IA Dijit.app

Additional features of Dijit.app

In addition to powerful AI OCR, it offers benefits such as:

  • digitization approved by the Treasury,
  • efficient search filters,
  • quick edit
  • automatic reconciliation between delivery notes and invoices 
  • allows the download of documents on the computer 
  • provides technical support to customize solutions according to the specific needs of each business.

Personalization and adaptation

Does your business have specific documents that require long hours of manual scanning? Don't worry, the Dijit.app technical support team will evaluate the document and develop the appropriate technology so that you can digitize those documents from a photo with your mobile. Dijit.app has the necessary flexibility to adapt to the particular needs of each business and sector, offering automated and scalable solutions according to business growth.

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