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Do you think manual data entry should be a thing of the past?

Data from delivery notes and invoices

To Excel or your ERP in seconds with OCR for restaurants with AI gpt-4o from OpenAI

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Why OCR with AI for restaurants

Bluntly: Manual data entry, or 'data chopping', is from the last century. This activity does not add value to your business and is a potential for errors.

Don't stay in the past. Automate data entry with the tool Most sophisticated OCR powered by AI, GPT-4. Get accurate information in real time and make better decisions. Are you ready to move forward?

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The best ally for document management

Extract data from documents and route it to your management system automatically, with no room for errors or wasted time.


dijit ocr ia gpt-4 4


AI and OCR

Do you want to save thousands of hours and associated costs per month?

Then use

ocr for restaurants with AI gpt-40

Save 98% the time associated with document management

ia ocr for dijit companies

With the OCR and AI by You can say goodbye forever to data mining.

All you have to do is take a photo of the paper either drag the PDF to our application.

Reduce paperwork burden and time with User Management

What documents can I convert with

If you can't find it, we train the system for you

received invoices
Consumption tickets
Reception notes
Delivery documents
purchase orders
Production sheets
Work parts
Bank statements
Payment documents
Transport Sheets
International transport
Identity Documents

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Ready to take your restaurant's document management to another level with the most advanced OCR and AI technology?

With thousands of satisfied users and hundreds of thousands of documents processed, is positioned as the perfect solution for enterprise document data management. Join the community and discover efficiency at its finest.

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Key Benefits of AI Software with OCR for Restaurants
Savings in data digitization time

OCR with AI gpt-4o reads, extracts and categorizes data automatically, saving up to 95% of time spent on document management.

ocr for restaurants with AI gpt-40
Improved accuracy in data capture

Thanks to gpt-4o AI and OCR for construction companies, the 99% offers precision compared to manual entry, reducing errors and preventing potential financial losses.

Inventory control simplification

Easily digitize items, quantities and prices from delivery notes or invoices. Data is processed quickly, streamlining inventory control without manual data entry.

management of delivery notes in an OCR restaurant for hospitality
Efficient monitoring of expenses in real time

With's OCR software, data is processed automatically, and our intelligent system categorizes products, vendors, and accounts to give you instant insights.

Make quick and informed decisions

Speed up your purchasing and inventory decisions with's AI. Quickly create bids, review potential shortages, and make business decisions faster.

OCR software with AI
Organized access to stored documents

Store and easily access documents, delivery notes and invoices. Organize and filter the information according to criteria such as dates, names of suppliers or products to improve document control in your business.

Seamless integration with management systems's OCR exports captured data in Excel format and imports directly into management systems, facilitating accurate inventory control and accounting in your business.

Simplicity and ease of use is the most user-friendly software with OCR and AI on the market. Its intuitive design allows any team member to use it without specialized training, reducing time and costs associated with managing inventories and expenses.