The fastest, most accurate and easiest to use AI OCR software for hospitality

Digitize and capture the data of delivery notes and invoices from your suppliers from photos or PDF to Excel or integrate the Dijit.app API with your ERP. Save time and resources to dedicate them to what matters most in your business.


Discover Dijit.app the OCR for hospitality #1

Our Software combines powerful OCR (optical character recognition) with artificial intelligence to digitize and capture data from delivery notes and invoices from your suppliers. Convert data from a photo with your mobile or PDF to Excel or your ERP in seconds and with maximum precision.

Streamline cost control and inventories of your hospitality business. Make the right decisions with the right information in real time. Optimize pre-accounting and share the information with your accounting advisor.

Stop wasting time typing data into Excel or your management program and eliminate tedious paperwork from your kitchen, to optimize the work of your hospitality business.

Documents compatible with Dijit.app

Do you need to digitize specific documents of your business?
With the automation of OCR data extraction with AI from Dijit.app we adapt to your needs
and we offer you flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Supported formats JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PDF to Excel or ERP

Automate the digitization of invoice data from your suppliers

Dijit.app automatically extracts, sorts and processes essential data from received invoices, such as:

  • invoice code
  • Date
  • Provider Information
  • Differentiated and total VAT
  • sub totals
  • Total amounts and more

Speed up the control of inventories and costs of your products with the digitization of delivery notes

Dijit.app automatically extracts, sorts and processes essential data from delivery notes, such as:

  • delivery note code
  • Provider Information
  • Article name
  • Quantities per item
  • Unit prices and more

Why digitize delivery notes and invoices with Dijit.app?

Digitize OCR IA extraction with precision

The advanced OCR with artificial intelligence allows you to extract detailed information from delivery notes and invoices, including relevant supplier data, product list, quantities, unit prices, amounts and much more.

Simplifies the management of expenses and purchases in the hospitality industry

It simplifies the digitization of delivery notes and invoices, avoiding manual data entry. Our intelligent software uses OCR to extract accurate data and the AI automatically categorizes and assigns it. In seconds, you will have all the information classified by supplier, product and expense or accounting account.

Create and update fixtures in seconds

Deal management is easier than ever with our artificial intelligence and OCR technology. Import your ingredients to create price tags and the system will automatically update the prices when processing delivery notes. Thus, you can control your margins in seconds.

automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app
Simplify your inventory management

It is enough to photograph the delivery notes to obtain the merchandise entry data in seconds. Thus, you can easily import them into your management system, saving time and focusing on your business.

ocr_ia_hospitality_delivery notes_invoices_purchases_inventories
Greater precision in data digitization

The information captured by the OCR automatically is 90% more accurate than the information entered manually, which reduces the margin of error and avoids possible economic losses.

Streamline decision making

With Dijit.app you will be able to speed up decision-making, keep track of expenses up to date and detect deviations in inventory or costs to take quick action.

Organize your documents efficiently

You can view the scanned documents with just one click. You will be able to carry out efficient searches with filters according to the date, the name of the supplier, the name of the article or product and much more, thanks to Dijit.app

efficient search of information filters dijit app ocr hospitality automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app
Integration of information in the management system

The Dijit.app software extracts and processes the data, exporting the information in Excel format or importing it directly into the inventory management system. Thus, you will be able to precisely control the levels of stock, purchases, expenses and the accounting of your business.

dijit.app software ocr delivery note data extraction automates invoice and delivery note data extraction OCR IA Dijit.app
Easy to use

The ease of use of Dijit.app allows any member of your team to use it without requiring specialized or complex training, thus reducing time and personnel costs.


Dijit.app the digitalization and data extraction software with OCR IA for hospitality

Minimizes the tedious work of "mining" data to the computer and paperwork
with the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use system

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