Captura datos de albaranes y facturas con IA y OCR

Convierte masivamente los datos de albaranes y facturas de tus proveedores desde imágenes o PDF a Excel o ERP

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OCR IA extraction invoices delivery notes - microsoft for startups dijit labs automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

Supported documents

software de ia con ocr para empresas
Supported formats
JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PDF to Excel or ERP

Do you have specific documents?

We offer flexible solutions for any type of document you need.

OCR en línea con IA más rápido y fácil de usar

Step 1: Image or PDF

Take a photo with your mobile device and drag the image or PDF to

Step 2: Intelligent Data Processing

Our OCR with AI processes and organizes data in the cloud

Step 3: View or Share

Manage data or import to Excel or ERP (API)

Paso final: Ahorra

Ahorra recursos y muchas de horas de trabajo, errores manuales y el papeleo con el software de IA con OCR para empresas.

Ventajas ocr en línea para logística

There are many reasons to use our OCR software for companies with artificial intelligence

Simplifica la digitalización de datos de documentos de proveedores

Nuestro OCR en línea hace el trabajo pesado por ti, tan solo arrastra y suelta las fotos o PDF de las facturas y captura y organiza los datos en segundos


Automatic assignment of accounts and accounting entries

Our artificial intelligence automatically identifies and assigns accounting accounts and learns with machine learning in each interaction.


Integration with management systems's OCR exports captured data in Excel format and imports directly into management or ERP systems through our API, facilitating precise inventory control and accounting in your business.


Maximum security and total privacy

Your clients' information will be stored on Microsoft servers (we are official partners). We comply with all European privacy regulations.

Efficient and faster accounting

Nuestra software OCR en línea para empresas, impulsada por inteligencia artificial, extrae y organiza de manera precisa la información fiscal y los IVAs, lo que simplifica y agiliza la colaboración con tu contable al compartir los datos de forma rápida y sencilla.

automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

Inventory control simplification

Easily digitize the list of products or articles, quantities and prices from delivery notes or invoices. The data is quickly processed to your ERP, streamlining inventory control without manually entering data.

inventarios control dijit

Real-time expense monitoring

With, the data is automatically processed and our intelligent system categorizes products, suppliers and accounts to give you valuable information instantly.

ia ocr para empresas dijit

Make quick and informed decisions

Accelerate your business decisions with's artificial intelligence. Create scandals quickly, review possible shortages and make business decisions faster.

ocr en línea logistica

Organized access to stored documents

Store and easily access documents, delivery notes and invoices. Organize and filter the information according to criteria such as dates, names of suppliers or products to improve document control in your business.


Simplicity and ease of use is the most user-friendly business OCR software on the market. Its intuitive design allows any member of the team to use it without specialized training, reducing time and associated costs.

ia ocr dijit gestión documental

Nuestro programa de digitalización y extracción de datos OCR en línea con IA
specialized for logistics and transport companies

Minimizes the tedious work of "mining" data to the computer and paperwork
with the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use system

Resuelve tus dudas de forma rápida

Déjanos tu consulta y te responderemos lo más rápido posible.

    What is 6 x 3 ?

    Descubre el programa OCR en línea de, nuestra solución de OCR en línea, utiliza la inteligencia artificial para capturar y extraer datos de documentos de logística y transporte como albaranes, facturas de proveedores y formularios. Convierte fácilmente imágenes y PDF a Excel o intégralos directamente en tu sistema de gestión (ERP) en segundos. Sin configuraciones complicadas ni formaciones previas, simplifica la digitalización de datos, eliminando la entrada manual y minimizando el tiempo, los errores y el papeleo.

    ¿Qué es la captura de datos con

    Es el proceso de la captura de datos con OCR en línea y organizarlos con IA para evitar la entrada manual de datos a Excel o ERP. Con podrás ahorrar días de trabajo y optimizar el tiempo de tu equipo. Confía en la automatización de facturas inteligente para asesorías, consultorías y gestorías.

    Frequently asked questions

    ¿Qué es, el programa de gestión documental con IA y OCR en línea?'s document management program is a technology that combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitize data from scanned physical documents and PDFs accurately and efficiently, passing the information in an organized manner to our system, which you can download to Excel or import via API to an ERP management system.

    How does AI technology work with OCR?

    The document management program works by entering PDF documents or scanned physical documents into the system. Our OCR captures the data and our AI improves the accuracy of character recognition, processes and organizes the data, and learns with each document processed.

    How can's AI with OCR software improve my business efficiency?'s document management program can improve the efficiency of your business by automating the data entry process of business documents, avoiding manual entry, saving time, reducing errors and allowing faster and easier access to information.

    Can I integrate into our accounting system?

    Yes, the invoice automation program has two integration options. The first is to connect with the accounting system through API. The second is to export an Excel file, which can then be imported into the accounting system, with a few clicks.

    How is user management handled in's AI and OCR document management program allows a number of users based on the selected rate plan. There are two levels of access: administrator and sub user. The administrator has full control and can assign sub users, who will only have access to their imported documents.

    How is the security and privacy of the processed data ensured?'s AI and OCR document management program complies with all data security and privacy regulations. Data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure database and is used for document processing only. Only selected users can access the processed information.

    How long is the minimum contract for AI OCR software?

    The minimum contract for our AI OCR software is one year, with fees and page limits set annually but charged monthly. Contracts are automatically renewed each year, unless non-renewal is requested in writing at least 30 days before the end of the contract.