Procesa datos sin esfuerzocon nuestro potente OCR y GPT-4

Digitaliza y captura información de todos tus documentos desde papel o PDF a Excel o a tu ERP


Optimiza el trabajo con el OCR más avanzado y la tecnología GPT-4 de OpenAI

Solución integral para la gestión de datos y documentos en una aplicación súper potente e intuitiva

Conversión de datos con nuestro software OCR online is the online OCR software you need for efficient and accurate data extraction, converting printed or handwritten text into digital data.

Procesamiento inteligente con GPT-4, la IA más avanzada de OpenAI

Our advanced OCR technology and Artificial Intelligence from the creators of Chat-gpt improve data processing, accuracy and categorization to streamline document management. ocr con gpt-4 de openAI

Automated and precise learning

Our software has the ability to learn quickly and in real time from edited data, improving with each use.


Compatible with all business documents

Digitize a large number of documents and Optimize data management with our intelligent online OCR software. 


Compatible with all formats

Our online OCR software supports images and PDFs to capture and transform large amounts of information at once, whether from printed or handwritten documents.

Efficient document storage

With our online OCR software,, efficiently store, access and filter your documents. Forget about paperwork and prepare for future audits


Effective pre-accounting

Our online OCR software with AI extracts and classifies tax and VAT information, facilitating quick and easy data sharing with your accountant

hostelería software ia ocr

Agile inventory management

Our innovative system that automatically processes product and quantity data from label photos or barcodes.

gestión de inventarios con ocr ia

unlimited users

Eliminate paperwork and facilitate document management with by creating unlimited users for your establishments, delegations or clients of your accounting consultancy.

Analytical reports, forget about Excel files

Track purchases and expenses, control inventories and sync your POS with for clear pre-accounting. Discover efficient digitization of business data

API integrations

Our OCR software with AI allows you to easily integrate the information into your ERP management system through the API SDK.

OCR con IA gpt-4

security and privacy

Guarantee the security and privacy of your information in the cloud of our partner Microsoft AI Cloud. Keep your business information visible only to you and authorized users.

Effective IT support

Our support team is always available to attend to your needs and ensure a smooth experience with

Our partners in security and technology

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    We transform business document management with our OCR software with AI. We automate data digitization to improve efficiency and accuracy, saving valuable time and resources so you can focus on growing your business.

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    • Our online OCR software with AI transforms enterprise data management, replacing tedious data mining, paperwork and manual entry into your ERP. 
    • Simply take a photo or drag the image or PDF to and our system captures and processes all the necessary data in seconds.
    • Manage hundreds or thousands of documents at a time, which are automatically organized by type. Our support team customizes digitization for documents specific to your business or sector. 
    • Your documents are stored for as long as you need and you can edit the data by viewing the document live. 
    • With unlimited users, you can give access to your team or your clients if you are a tax advisor, avoiding the transfer of physical paperwork. 
    • Our fast technical support and automated learning system make your best ally in document management and the most efficient OCR software solution with AI. 

    Contact our support team for a live demo and optimize your business with, the market-leading online OCR software with AI for businesses.

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