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General information about the owner of the Website

The Dijit Labs company is the owner of the domain and the Website, as well as all the subdomains and directories included in it (hereinafter, jointly referred to as the "Website", the "Website" or the "Platform", interchangeably) and makes available the described email to contact us at the email address:


Restricted use of the Platform

If certain services of the Platform are restricted, it can only be used by legal persons and their selected users who have entered into an agreement with Dijit for the services and have a password (username and password) provided by Dijit for this purpose. Access to the Platform using a password and its subsequent use are subject to these terms of use, which the user has agreed with Dijit electronically or by signing the corresponding agreement.


Platform Contents

Notwithstanding what is described in the previous paragraph, Dijit provides users with free information about the company or information about its products and/or services.


Adequate and responsible use of the Platform

Users must always use the resources at their disposal correctly and responsibly in accordance with these Terms, morality, public order, good practices and applicable laws, without causing damage to Dijit or any third party. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to use the platform and its contents and/or services for purposes other than the logical purpose of the application, that is, for the intended purpose described, as well as to participate in illegal activities, contrary to good faith or order. public; damage the physical and logical systems of third parties, introduce or distribute computer viruses or other physical or logical systems that may cause any type of damage or harm.

It is also not allowed to include any type of data not related to the use of Dijit, understanding such data related to the use, that is, data directly related to its administrative and application costs. All data included and all data excluded will be subject to any administrative cost, incorrect data will be understood, this fact will be considered, notifying the user in advance, as a reason to cancel the user due to non-compliance, direct reference to any data that may have The personal nature of the correction of the user's fee data is fully responsible for the correct presentation of this data in the application, clearly indicating those necessary for the correct completion of the certified digitization of the tickets and invoices presented.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to verify and, where appropriate, correct each of the individual data related to the aforementioned registration and contract. Therefore, Dijit will not be in any way responsible for the consequences derived from the inaccuracy or lack of data, and in the event that the holder of the user account does not comply with the obligations specified and mentioned in Dijit's privacy policy, and in general in this agreement. User account holders represent themselves as the sole and exclusive responsible and hereby release Dijit from any liability in this regard. If these Terms of Use are not followed, Dijit will be obliged to block access to users who do not comply with this requirement. Access to the platform will always be conditional on compliance with the conditions of use of the service, including its use solely for the purposes for which the application was created.


user participation

Circumstances may arise that allow users to actively participate in any page of the Site or platforms of Dijit or used by Dijit (RRSS) by posting comments or creating content. In such cases, the use of said resources to distribute illegal, racist, xenophobic propaganda content that promotes terrorism, violates human rights or incites hatred, violates the dignity of people, whether offensive or defamatory, is strictly prohibited. , is contrary to law, public order, security or may be considered inappropriate in any other way, such as endorsing or collaborating with pornographic companies, obscene material, gambling-related pornographic exposure, perspective services or potentially violent, scheme-related pyramid schemes and, in general, Dijit reserves the right to prohibit all inappropriate content, especially for minors. Dijit reserves the right to remove any comments and/or content from Dijit's Privacy Policy that does not comply with the above or that it deems inappropriate for posting on the Site. Dijit will not be in any way responsible for the opinions expressed by users through said interaction tools that may be created, except as expressly provided in the applicable terms. By accepting these terms of use, the user grants Dijit a license as broad as required by law to publish the various participatory services and contributions of Internet resources created on the site: social networks, home pages, etc. 

Denunciation of inappropriate use of content or inappropriate activities

Anyone can report inappropriate or illegal content posted on the Dijit Platform by sending an email to the email address with the subject line “Use of Inappropriate Content”. Dijit will screen potentially inappropriate or illegal content in accordance with the above and take appropriate steps to remove it if necessary.


Intellectual property of the contents of the Website

Dijit has the exclusive right to use all the elements and/or content published on the website. Therefore, all those elements and/or contents, such as design (color combinations, structures and design), drawings, images, audiovisual content, texts, software and/or applications necessary for its operation, access and use, etc. , and the Rights to the same Dijit Privacy Policy are the exclusive property of Dijit, and their reproduction, distribution, public communication (including the way in which it is made available) and conversion, in whole or in part, is expressly prohibited. 

You may not access or share the Site Content in any media and by any technical means without Dijit's prior written permission. 


How to contact dijit regarding the privacy policy?

Users can contact Dijit, if necessary, by email at or by using the form provided for this purpose on the Website to address their concerns about the products and/or services offered. The personal data requested here must be provided and after reading it, if you agree, on the website select I accept the privacy policy in the corresponding field. In the event that the user provides personal data, these must be exact, complete, truthful, updated and will be treated and treated in accordance with the applicable regulations on personal data protection.


Links Policy

No content from the Services or the Website may be reproduced in whole or in part, by means of deep links, IMGs, or linked or framed images on the Dijit Website without the prior written permission of Dijit. It is prohibited to make false, inaccurate or inaccurate statements about Dijit or its services and/or contents. Except for the logos that are part of the link, the web pages created by the link will not contain brands, trade names, corporate brands, denominations, logos, slogans or other distinctive signs belonging to Dijit, unless expressly authorized by Dijit. The establishment of a link does not imply any relationship between Dijit and the owner of the website or portal from which the link is established, nor that Dijit knows and accepts the services and content offered on said website or portal. Dijit is not responsible for the contents or services publicly available on the web pages or portals from which hyperlinks are established, as well as the information and statements contained therein.


third party links

Links to other websites operated and controlled by third parties may be available on the Dijit website with exclusive features to make it easier for the user to find information, content and services on the Internet and shall in no way be considered as marketing guidance from Dijit and They do not own the content, services, information and messages available on said website (see Dijit's Privacy Policy). 


Dijit Links and Responsibilities

Dijit does not assume any responsibility, including implicit responsibility, for the content, information, communications, opinions or services linked to websites not controlled by Dijit, but accessible through the Internet and does not guarantee that they are free of viruses or other elements, that may cause damage to the computer. Changes to the system (hardware and software), user documentation or files exclude any liability for damage of any kind caused to the user. 


General breach of privacy policies

Any violation of these Terms of Use will result in Dijit's obligation to terminate users. In addition, the above violations and any misuse of the application will be prosecuted and Dijit may take appropriate legal action to protect its legitimate interests. Dijit reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the Site or App without notice to users who fail to comply with these Terms of Use.


Modification of these terms

Dijit may revise the terms set forth in this document at any time and officially post them here. The validity of the above Terms of Use is subject to its effect and will remain in effect until modified by others.


Applicable law

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be governed by the laws of Spain, and any other country where Dijit operates. If a dispute arises between the two parties regarding the interpretation, implementation, or termination of this Agreement, both parties will make good faith efforts to reach amicable negotiations to resolve such disputes. If the parties cannot do so, the parties expressly waive the jurisdiction that may correspond to them, expressly agreeing to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Madrid, Spain or the corresponding country.


Last update: October 11, 2022