ChatGPT y la IA para aumentar la productividad de tu negocio

¡La inteligencia artificial está en todas partes!

Una de las herramientas más populares es ChatGPT, creada por OpenAI. Desde su lanzamiento, se ha vuelto viral en redes sociales y en la prensa mundial. Su éxito ha inspirado a otras empresas de tecnología a desarrollar aplicaciones inteligentes que hacen nuestras tareas más rápidas y eficientes.

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT, desarrollado por OpenAI, se ha vuelto viral en redes sociales y en la prensa mundial. Es una herramienta automatizada que funciona como un chat, permitiéndote interactuar directamente con un modelo de lenguaje avanzado.

Con ChatGPT, puedes completar fragmentos de texto, generar contenido a partir de una idea y traducir idiomas. Su gran capacidad de procesamiento y su entrenamiento con una vasta cantidad de texto le permiten generar respuestas de manera autónoma. Incluso, el sistema puede ayudarte a generar código para el desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Esta tecnología no solo facilita diversas tareas, sino que también abre nuevas posibilidades en la creación y automatización de contenido.

automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

But how can ChatGPT help you in your work tasks?

Con ChatGPT, puedes escribir correos electrónicos, cartas o cualquier otro tipo de texto. También puedes generar contenido, resolver problemas, ofrecer atención al cliente, asistencia personal, entretenimiento y traducción de idiomas. Además, ChatGPT puede ayudarte a generar código para el desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Pero eso no es todo. ChatGPT también puede integrarse con tecnologías de OCR y captura de datos. Esto significa que puedes digitalizar documentos en papel y extraer información automáticamente, facilitando aún más la gestión de datos en tu empresa.

OpenAI ofrece una versión gratuita de ChatGPT para uso personal y educativo. Sin embargo, si deseas usarlo para fines comerciales, necesitas una versión de pago. Aunque la versión gratuita es bastante completa, las versiones de pago ofrecen una mayor capacidad de procesamiento y precisión en las respuestas.

Is it true that it will end many jobs?

According to the experts, the technology is still at precarious levels, although no one doubts that with time, more training and greater data capacity, this tool can reach a potential that practically no sector can ignore. 


Artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as ChatGPT, have the potential to automate certain tasks and processes in a variety of industries. This can lead to the elimination of certain jobs, especially those that are highly mechanisable or involve repetitive tasks. However, it can also create new jobs and opportunities in areas such as software development, data analysis, and the implementation of advanced technologies.


It is important to note that AI and machine learning are not going to completely replace human workers, but rather can help improve efficiency and productivity in certain tasks and processes. It is important to be prepared to adapt to changes in the labor market and seek the necessary training to develop relevant skills in the future.

Other AI technologies to optimize your business.

Apart from ChatGPT, another AI technology that is widely used is OCR or Optical Character Recognition. This tool allows you to extract large amounts of text from documents or images, which greatly facilitates the task of extracting relevant information from invoices, tickets, delivery notes, among other commercial or fiscal documents. This represents a great saving of time for companies and consultancies that seek to efficiently manage the documents of their clients or suppliers.


A specific tool that uses this technology is, created by the company Dijit Labs. This tool is designed to help agencies, accounting and tax advisors and companies of all kinds to avoid the tedious "data mincing" of invoices and delivery notes. . The tool is known for its accuracy, speed, and ease of use. For example,'s system can extract and sort data from 1,000 invoices into a single Excel sheet, then import it into an ERP or accounting system. uses artificial intelligence to read and recognize the relevant data of the documents, such as the company name, the CIF or NIF of the client or supplier, taxes, subtitles and totals, as well as the data of the articles, unit prices and amounts. Once this data is recognized, it is stored in an orderly manner in a database, ready to be used.


In this way, we can have the information from these documents, whether in PDF, images or paper format, in a database that is easy to read and use, download to Excel or import into our management systems, saving time and effort.

In addition to extracting and storing document data, also offers additional functionality to track expenses and purchases of your business in real time through its portal. The portal features intuitive charts and reports to help you visualize and analyze data clearly and easily. This allows you to make informed decisions and improve the financial management of your business. This allows you to have greater control over expenses, reducing costs and improving profitability. is an easy-to-use tool, designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their level of computer literacy. In a matter of seconds, this tool is capable of transforming the data of invoices, tickets and delivery notes in a precise and exact manner, which saves time and effort in document management. Without the need to spend hours "mining" data manually, takes care of the entire process quickly and efficiently.

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