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Why is capturing delivery note data important? If you manage a company and face the daily task of controlling inventory entry, you will know how crucial it is to have an accurate and up-to-date record. Delivery notes are essential documents in this process, as they contain valuable information such as delivery dates, supplier details and detailed information about the items delivered. However, these documents are usually physical and require considerable manual work to transfer all this information into a system or spreadsheet. This is where comes into play with its innovative solution to automate the capture of data contained in delivery notes using a simple photo of the document.


What is and how can it help capture delivery note data? is an AI-based software solution that uses OCR technology to automate data extraction and processing from business documents. This tool revolutionizes the way companies manage their delivery notes, invoices, consumption tickets, forms and records.

With, you can capture the data contained in your delivery notes by simply taking a photo of the document. In a matter of seconds, all relevant information is extracted and sent to your system for further analysis or export to Excel. This process not only saves you time but also reduces costs associated with manual work.

The importance of automation in the capture of delivery note data

In an increasingly digitalized world, companies need to adapt and implement technological solutions that allow them to optimize their operations. Document management is one of the key aspects in this sense. Automating this task means freeing up valuable resources that can be allocated to more strategic activities for your business. offers precisely that: an efficient and accurate way to manage your business documents without having to invest man hours in repetitive tasks such as manually entering the data contained in delivery notes. In addition, it significantly reduces the margin of human error inherent in manual "typing."

How OCR works and why it is crucial for modern businesses

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts different types of printed or handwritten text - such as those found on invoices or delivery notes - into data that can be edited and searched digitally. uses this technology together with advanced AI to provide a fast and accurate service capable of transforming any physical document - including those written by hand - into digital data ready for analysis or integration with other systems.

Automate data capture from business documents with

Specific advantages of using in managing delivery notes

Using to capture and process data on delivery notes offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it allows for greater speed and efficiency, as the software can process documents in a matter of seconds. This means that you can access relevant information almost immediately after receiving a delivery note.

In addition, helps significantly reduce the margin of human error inherent in manual "typing." By automating this process, you eliminate common errors such as typos or inadvertent omissions that can arise during manual data entry.

Practical example of the step-by-step process of capturing delivery note data with

To illustrate how works in practice, let's consider a simple example. Imagine that you have just received a new batch of merchandise accompanied by its corresponding delivery note. Instead of manually entering all the details contained in this document into your system or spreadsheet, simply take a photo of it with your phone.

Next you upload this image to and the software automatically extracts all relevant information: delivery dates, supplier details and detailed information about the delivered items - including prices and quantities. All of this happens quickly without the need for additional human intervention.

Step 1: Photo of the document and upload it to the system

The first step is to provide an image or PDF file of the delivery note using our mobile or web application. This document can be sent cropped or uncropped (with background). If the scan is sent uncropped, our system will automatically crop it to optimize optical recognition.

Step 2: Processing with OCR and artificial intelligence

Our OCR engine transforms any printed text found in the document - even handwritten text - into data that can be edited and searched digitally.

Step 3: Automatic extraction of relevant data

During this last step our system identifies and extracts all relevant fields found in the document for subsequent analysis or integration with other systems.


Long-term benefits of automating delivery note management and data capture

Adopting for automatic data capture and processing on delivery notes not only offers immediate benefits, but also long-term ones. By eliminating manual work and reducing the margin of error, your company can improve its operational efficiency and free up valuable resources that can be redirected towards more strategic activities.

Additionally, with an accurate and up-to-date record of your inventories, you can make more informed decisions about your future purchases, better manage your prices and margins, and even identify opportunities to optimize your supply chain.

Easy integration with other business systems has been designed to easily integrate with other business systems. This means that data automatically extracted from delivery notes can be sent directly to your ERP or CRM system, or exported to Excel for further analysis. This feature greatly facilitates the management of the flow of information within your company.

Additionally, thanks to its open API, can connect with any other software you use in your business. This way, you can create a coherent and efficient digital ecosystem that supports all of your company's key operations.

Conclusion: Why choose for automatic delivery note management?

Choosing for automatic delivery note management is a smart decision that can have a significant impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business. Not only does it save you valuable time and resources by eliminating the manual work associated with traditional physical document processing, but it also improves the accuracy of inventory recording and facilitates data-driven decision making.

Furthermore, thanks to its ability to easily integrate with other business systems and its open API, becomes a fundamental piece in the modern digital ecosystem necessary to compete effectively in today's business world.


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