Automate data extraction with OCR software

Optimize your company's document management with's AI and OCR software

dijit.app_software_ocr_para_empresas_digitalizar_extraer_datos_invoices_delivery slips's OCR software, an innovative program that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with optical character recognition (OCR) to speed up the digitization and processing of data in delivery notes, invoices and other business documents. Discover how this powerful system can help save time, resources and increase efficiency in various market sectors.

save hospitality costs with ocr IA from Dijit app to digitize delivery notes and invoices for purchases and expenses automate data extraction of invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

Improve efficiency in hospitality

In the hospitality industry, managing inventory and accounting requires constant attention. With, you can easily digitize delivery notes and invoices from photos or PDFs. AI automatically categorizes products, suppliers, and relevant financial information enabling faster informed decisions.

OCR software for tax accounting invoices and delivery notes

Streamlining accounting processes for consultancies

Consultancies greatly benefit from the use of thanks to its ability to quickly digitize invoices issued or received by their clients. AI OCR allows data to be imported directly into accounting systems or converted into Excel tables. This drastically reduces the time spent manually "mining" data. In addition, our AI automatically assigns expense accounts by products and suppliers and assigns accounting entries effortlessly.

optimize the document management of your factory or production business with to digitize delivery notes and automates data extraction of invoices and delivery notes OCR AI Dijit.appsupplier invoices with AI and OCR

Optimizing operations in manufacturing and manufacturing

For companies focused on manufacturing and manufacturing, inventory control and accounting are crucial aspects of the business. facilitates the automatic digitization of delivery notes and invoices, allowing accurate tracking of expenses, purchases, and information related to products and suppliers.

control entry of merchandise with OCR-IA of dijit app for delivery notes and invoices automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

Driving efficiency in logistics and distribution is also a valuable tool for companies in logistics and distribution. The rapid digitization of documents allows to improve document management, optimize inventory control and make decisions based on precise information and in real time. Also, avoid common manual errors when entering data

dijit app ocr artificial intelligence data digitization invoices delivery notes automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA, the ideal solution for multiple sectors is a versatile tool that can significantly improve efficiency in various industries such as hospitality, accounting, manufacturing, and logistics. By automating scanning and document management processes with advanced AI and OCR, companies can save valuable time and resources while maintaining precise control over their financial operations and inventories. Don't wait any longer to take your business to the next level with

Streamline the digitization and data capture of invoices issued and received from photos or PDF to Excel or your accounting system, in seconds and with maximum precision.