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Introduction to OCR for invoices

The OCR IA program has revolutionized the way in which companies from different sectors manage their invoices. Thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to convert, extract and process data from PDF files, scanned images or photos into editable text format. In this article we will cover the different uses of OCR software for invoices and we will tell you how Dijit.app, a SaaS B2B solution powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, can help you transform your documents into Excel sheets and integrate them with ERP systems or accounting programs.

Learn how advanced optical recognition makes it possible to quickly capture key information from digital documents such as PDFs and scanned images. At the end of this article, you will have no doubts about implementing an OCR IA program such as Dijit.app in your business to streamline internal processes related to financial records and inventories through automatic extraction from various formats.

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What is the OCR program for invoices and how does it work?

The OCR IA program for invoices is a technology that allows you to convert physical or PDF documents, such as expense and purchase invoices, into editable digital files that you can download to spreadsheets such as Excel or integrate them directly into ERP systems through APIs. Using artificial intelligence-powered optical recognition, relevant data is automatically identified and extracted from scanned images or photos in editable text format, including codes, dates, descriptions, and amounts. These data can be exported to formats compatible with accounting programs (see OCR invoice conversion to Excel) to facilitate analysis and management.

In this way we can save many hours dedicated to the manual registration of information contained in physical documents and digital images; We also eliminate potential human errors associated with the traditional process. Discover all the benefits that advanced software based on the combination of optical technologies and artificial intelligence can offer you both from the operational and financial point of view within your company or organization.

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Time saving and efficiency

The digitization of invoices, expenses and purchases through OCR IA streamlines the document management process, reducing the need for manual work and minimizing errors. The AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) conducted a study which concluded that manual scanning can take up to 4 minutes per document, depending on its complexity. In addition, they pointed out that this method is prone to human errors, affecting quality and precision. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) estimated a cost of approximately 18 euros per document in time and resources when using manual methods; both studies coincide in affirming how automation with OCR significantly reduces these costs.


Greater organizational control

The OCR IA program for invoices allows more than 80% to optimize document management according to Forrester Research; this is mainly due to the digital record facilitating immediate search or future access when necessary. In another study carried out by this same firm, a reduction between 70-80% was determined with respect to the time spent processing documents thanks to solutions based on optical recognition and artificial intelligence such as Dijit.app or other similar ones currently available within the business technology market.

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Integration with ERP systems

By converting scanned invoices or digital photographs from PDF formats to editable files compatible with accounting programs such as Excel, it is possible to easily integrate them with other business systems directly related to internal financial areas such as general inventories as well as general ledger balances.

Besides, dijit.app It has an API that can be easily integrated into your existing business systems. The API allows the automation of the data extraction and conversion process from scanned documents or digital images to editable formats compatible with accounting programs or ERPs. This further facilitates the workflow, improving document management in real time and allowing companies to focus on strategic tasks while minimizing the manual effort related to traditional processing based solely on internally available human resources within each specific organization.


Optimizing purchasing management

The OCR IA program for supplier invoices is a key tool that improves efficiency in purchasing management. By automatically digitizing and extracting the data from scanned documents or digital images, it facilitates the monitoring of spending, verification of the conditions agreed with each one of them, as well as constant updating regarding general inventories. Dijit.app is a SaaS B2B platform powered by artificial intelligence that offers comprehensive solutions aimed at processing information contained within PDF files or photographs directly related to the business financial area.

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Accounting digitization: improving financial control

Digitization through OCR with AI is essential to keep adequate control over expenses and income within companies or accounting consultancies. By having precise digital records, classification, analysis of the general statement is streamlined, allowing greater efficiency during processing of information directly related to the internal economic aspect of each specific organization.

Versatility and applications of OCR for invoices

Dijit.app's OCR IA is not limited to invoices or delivery notes, but can also be used to digitize and extract data from other documents such as contracts, forms, work reports, purchase orders or receipt guides. This technology facilitates efficient management and storage in different business areas.


Future of OCR IA: evolution and trends

OCR technology will continue to advance, allowing greater accuracy and speed in data extraction. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be crucial to improve OCR capabilities, facilitating the effective analysis and processing of information extracted from digital documents.

AI will enable the development of more advanced solutions adapted to specific needs by company or sector. This includes recognizing different formats, languages, and data types improving efficiency in extracting relevant information contained within previously scanned PDF files or images.

In addition, an even easier integration with ERP systems is expected, as well as accounting advisory consulting tools, allowing analysis of recommendations based on constant updating regarding international financial aspects directly linked to the economic areas of each particular organization.

Security in the digitalization of invoices is crucial, and Dijit.app guarantees advanced protection to maintain the confidentiality of the data. The OCR for invoices has become an essential tool to optimize documentary processes in companies and accounting consultancies. Don't wait any longer: visit Dijit.app and discover how our platform can transform document management, integrating them with ERP systems or accounting programs, thus improving efficiency and competitiveness within your specific business.

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