The importance of OCR for invoices in logistics and transport

The OCR software with AI for documents of logistics and transport companies:

Increasing efficiency and security in document handling


Digitization and the adoption of emerging technologies, such as OCR (optical character recognition) software with artificial intelligence, have completely transformed the processes of handling paper documents and PDFs in the logistics and land and maritime transport sector. In this article, we will explore in detail how AI OCR software is revolutionizing document management in logistics and transportation companies.

Importance of document management with OCR in the logistics and transport sector

The transport and logistics sector is a highly competitive and dynamic environment. Document management is a critical component to guarantee efficiency, profitability and safety in land and sea transport operations. Transport and logistics companies handle huge amounts of paper or PDF documents, such as contracts, delivery notes, invoices, customs and transport documents, among others. These documents require a high level of precision and speed, as they contain vital information about loads, transport routes, delivery conditions and prices.

Improper management of the information in these documents can lead to costly errors and delays in the supply chain, which can affect the profitability and reputation of transportation and logistics companies.


Document scanning and OCR software

Document digitization of data is the process of converting physical or PDF documents into editable digital formats, which in turn allow these documents to be integrated with an ERP or management system. This process allows companies to store, retrieve, analyze and share documents and the information they contain more efficiently and securely. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is a key tool in document digitization, since it allows the extraction of text and information from a scanned document or digital image.

OCR software helps businesses automate the process of converting paper documents or PDFs to Excel or CSV format, reducing the manual workload of getting data into a system and the risk of human error.

Artificial intelligence in OCR software

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in OCR software has significantly improved the accuracy and speed of converting data from paper or PDF documents. The AI can learn and adapt to different languages, such as Spanish and English, and recognize various text formats and styles, which improves the quality and efficiency of optical character recognition. In addition, an intelligent learning system, machine learning or deep learning, can learn from human interaction to further streamline document management operations.

AI can also analyze and process digitized data to provide insights and generate Business Intelligence (BI)-based reports and generate accurate predictions. This information can be used to make more informed decisions and improve the efficiency and profitability of transportation and logistics operations.


Benefits of OCR software with AI in document management

1. Increased efficiency and time savings

Using AI OCR software in document management saves time and resources by automating the process of extracting and processing data from paper, scanned or PDF documents. OCR reduces manual workload and the risk of human error, increasing efficiency and productivity in transportation and logistics companies.

The OCR IA program for logistics and transport allows you to optimize document management more than 80% according to Forrester Research; this is mainly due to the digital record facilitating immediate search or future access when necessary and obtaining data with greater precision and speed than manual digitization. In another study carried out by this same firm, a reduction between 80-90% was determined with respect to the time spent processing documents thanks to solutions based on optical recognition with artificial intelligence such as or other similar ones currently available within the business technology market.

2. Improved traceability and safety

Implementing an AI-powered OCR software system enables companies to track and monitor the supply chain more effectively. Digitized information can be used to analyze and predict patterns in the supply chain, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall performance. In addition, digitized information is easier to protect and control, ensuring data security and privacy.

When data digitization operations are carried out manually, the information takes an average of more than 7 days to reach the management systems, which prevents having real-time information for more agile decisions. Instead, OCR technology allows data to be captured, extracted and integrated into the management system in seconds, from a photo or paper scan or simply by dragging the documents received in digital format such as PDF.

3. Facilitation of the customs process

OCR software with AI is especially useful in customs management and procedures related to maritime and land transport. The digitization of customs documents streamlines the paperwork process and reduces the risk of human errors. AI and OCR technology allow automatic identification of relevant data and automatic integration with the management system or ERP, which facilitates the customs process and the classification of merchandise.


4. Integration with existing systems and technologies

AI OCR software can be easily integrated with other systems and technologies used in the transportation and logistics industry, such as warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and geographic information systems (GIS). This allows companies to make the most of the information contained in their documents and improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations, saving valuable resources.

5. Improved decision making and planning

The information digitized and processed by AI OCR software can be used to generate reports based on Business Intelligence (BI) in real time. These reports provide valuable insight into supply chain performance, bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities. This information can be used to make more informed decisions and improve business planning and strategy in the logistics and transportation sector.

Optimizing purchasing management

OCR software with AI is an essential tool in the document management of transport and logistics companies. Digitization and OCR technology improve efficiency, traceability and security in document handling and allow companies to optimize their operations and make more informed decisions. Investing in AI OCR software is a smart move that can deliver significant long-term benefits for transportation and logistics companies.

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