OCR for invoices and delivery notes

Digitization of documents and OCR technology with AI for invoices received for expenses, purchases and delivery notes

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Data digitization converts information, such as text or images, into a numerical system for computer processing. This process is carried out using photo devices with a mobile or tablet, scanners or directly from PDF documents, which transform analog signals into numerical values, thanks to Dijit.app's OCR for invoices and delivery notes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that scans and recognizes the characters present in documents such as delivery notes or invoices. The software for managing invoices, expenses, purchases, delivery notes transfers this information to electronic format quickly and accurately, storing it in files or databases that are compatible with other applications.

integra sistemas con dijitapp ocr-ia automatiza extracción datos facturas y albaranes OCR IA Dijit.app

Dijit.app: comprehensive solution for document management for invoices, expenses, purchases, delivery notes

Dijit.app is a SaaS B2B platform that uses OCR with AI to digitize, extract and process data from delivery notes, invoices and other documents for SMEs and accounting consultancies. This solution allows you to automate the digitization of data, invoices, expenses, purchases, delivery notes, streamlining document management and integrating the information obtained into ERP or accounting systems without the need for prior programming. With dijit.app you can easily convert PDF to Excel.

OCR IA extraction invoices delivery notes - digitize and extract data from supplier documents in seconds with OCR IA Dijit.App

AI in the process captures intelligent data

Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly, being this key technology of the digital world. At Dijit.app, AI has been embraced since its inception, as it believes that to be a true solution to current document management difficulties, it needs to offer more than just extracting and ordering data. That's why Dijit.app has teamed up with OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT) to further streamline document management.

procesamiento inteligente de documentos con dijitapp y openai IA con OCR automatiza la extracción de datos

Benefits of using AI OCR in Dijit.app

Businesses can greatly benefit from the combined use of OCR and AI offered by Dijit.app:

1. Extract raw data accurately and quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

2. The AI assigns categories, expense accounts, and accounting entries to extracted products and vendors.

3. Intuitive platform: From a photo or by dragging the documents to the cloud you will be able to have orderly information.

4. Speed up important processes: Intelligent capture speeds up the internal flow between departments or establishments.

5. Eliminate paper: Digitization data invoices expenses purchases delivery notes in an intelligent, secure and private system.

6. Easy access to data: Employees can easily access it from anywhere with smart filters.

7. Security guaranteed: Storage in microsoft azure.

Extraction OCR IA invoices delivery notes - digitize IA trade store documents with OCR from Dijit.app

Practical OCR applications for invoices and delivery notes

A pharmaceutical laboratory can benefit from Dijit.app by receiving merchandise accompanied by digitized delivery notes using OCR and AI, extracting relevant data such as products, numbers and barcodes, updating databases, facilitating inventory management quickly.

Delivery notes in restaurants are digitized capturing the differentiated VAT and the detail of items with prices, quantities, unit VAT and more.

When an expense invoice arrives, it is also digitized using OCR and AI, integrating into the corresponding databases, streamlining the accounting process and allowing quick access to documents when necessary.

OCR IA extraction invoices delivery notes - explosive fusion Dijit app and OpenAI optimizes and automates document management with artificial intelligence and OCR

Do you want to implement Dijit.app in your document management?

Dijit.app is an efficient solution for companies in sectors such as construction, wholesale and retail trade, logistics and transport or hospitality. Thanks to its advanced technology based on OCR with AI, it allows you to automate key processes related to document management, significantly improving business productivity.

Extraction OCR IA invoices delivery notes - automates the extraction of data intelligent data processing with AI OCR Dijit.app delivery notes invoices

Why trust Dijit.app?

More than 200 establishments have successfully processed more than 250,000 documents with Dijit.app, which complies with all GDPR requirements and European certificates. Its technical team resolves doubts quickly and develops individual requirements according to the client's needs.

Our prestigious technological partners specialized in security, privacy and artificial intelligence guarantee that Dijit.app offers an exceptional and high-quality service.

Is it easy to integrate Dijit.app to other systems?

Dijit.app is designed for easy integration using easy-to-connect APIs. In addition, all the information can be downloaded in Excel or CSV formats with one click to be imported into accounting or inventory systems.

Our partners in security and technology

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OCR IA extraction invoices delivery notes - microsoft for startups dijit labs automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app
Extraction OCR IA invoices delivery notes - openAi dijit labs automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA Dijit.app

"Discover Dijit.app, the leading OCR and AI data extraction solution for accurate, fast and easy digitization of data from delivery notes and invoices from your suppliers"