AI OCR software that converts data from PDF to Excel

3 steps to avoid "data mincing" of provider invoices

OCR software for invoices and delivery notes for agencies and companies automates data extraction of invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

If you are the owner of your business or in charge of the purchases of your company, you are constantly looking for ways to optimize your work and the interaction with your clients or suppliers. One of the activities that we all want to optimize or automate is manually entering supplier invoice or delivery note data. 

Is there a technological tool that can help us reduce the time of "data mincing"? The answer is yes, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a solution for this.

Finding the ideal OCR for our business is not an easy task, but we must ensure that the OCR we seek meets the following minimum requirements:

  • That is able to save time in document processing.
  • Make it flexible to adapt to your document management needs and those of your clients.
  • Make it easy to use, without the need for extensive training or implementation.
  • Make it very fast in data extraction and subsequent editing.
  • Make it versatile to read and extract data from various types of documents.
  • And that has the ability to reduce costs for real.

What is the OCR that meets these requirements?

Dijit is an OCR software that meets all the necessary requirements for efficient document management. Being a tool in the cloud, it allows you to extract data from invoices, tickets, delivery notes, payroll and more in just seconds.

In addition, it converts the data to Excel to import it into the accounting system and share it with clients. With a processing time of less than 4 seconds per document, a user-friendly interface, and quick and easy post-editing, is an excellent choice for saving time and cost in document management.

OCR software for invoices and delivery notes for logistics and distribution automates data extraction invoices and delivery notes OCR IA

How to pass the data of invoices and supplier delivery notes without "chopping data"?

To pass the data from invoices or delivery notes to the computer efficiently, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of the document or drag the PDF file onto Dijit's online platform.
  2. Select the type of document you want to upload (invoice, ticket, delivery note, etc.).
  3. Click “upload documents” and Dijit will automatically start extracting and organizing the data.


How much time and money can I save with Dijit?

With Dijit, you can save time and money in document management. An experienced person digitizing invoices can take around 1 minute per page, while Dijit takes less than 4 seconds per page to read and extract data.

For example, a company that manually processes 5,000 documents from its suppliers per month can save more than €750 per month with Dijit.

Don't waste any more time and money scanning documents! Book a Dijit tech demo at this link to see how you can optimize your team's time and improve your business results. Visit our website for more information.